25 August 2008



So here begins my journey into the "blogosphere" (sorry, I realize that term's overused). I'm not sure if I really want to be considered a "blogger," but I think this space will be a useful tool to share my experiences with others and reflect on them for myself.

For those of you who know and those of you who don't, I will be leaving for Paris from Reagan National Airport in D.C. at the end of the week. I will be in Paris for the entirety of the school year -- August through June. I will be staying with a host family (most likely a single woman with a room to spare), but I won't find out who until I arrive. I am participating in a study abroad program with about 25 other women from Smith, but I will also be taking classes at
Université Paris Diderot
(Paris 7), one of Paris's 13 public universities.

My primary goal in participating in this program is to gain fluency in French, a language that I love, am majoring in and have studied for six years. I am also excited at the prospects of discovering city life, after growing up in the suburbs and attending college in a small town. Lastly, I hope to gain a greater sense of independence and confidence in my own self and my abilities as a student and individual.

Surely, a number of jitters and nerves are dominating my thoughts of the trip at the moment and I will miss a number of friends and family members, but, above all, I love France and French and its culture and can't wait to dive in.

Thanks for reading and I hope you join me on my séjour à Paris.

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