09 May 2009

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As my time in Paris comes increasingly closer to its definitive end (I have but three glorious weeks left here), time runs short and my list of obligations and expectations runs long. I expect these next three weeks to be jammed full of homework, studying and profiting from my last few moments in France. I don’t anticipate having too much time to write about it all, but do not fear my faithful reader(s): I will use my impeccable memory and first few nostalgic days back home to recount it all. So look for more updates after the first of the month.

In the meantime, to quell my return anxiety and remind myself of the wonderful things back home (you know, besides family and friends and stuff) in the States, here are some of the silly American things I am desperately looking forward to:

Cinnamon Life cereal
Deep-dish pizza
Free refills
24-hour supermarkets and stores open on Sundays
Reliable libraries
Prevalent public restrooms

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Spedding into Technology said...

What? NO stores open on Sunday? What's up with that? Abby, will you be back in good ole Rockford on the weekend of June 5 - 7? We're getting together at our house on the 6th. Aunt Ann will be here too. Raija's graduation party is the 5th - a pig roast! A family packed weekend. I hope you will be around.
Aunt Phyllis